The O'Carolan Songwriter Project

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The O'Carolan Songwriter Project.

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Friends loving music.

Old friends getting together to play the music of Irish master composer Turlough O’Carolan once a week in Nashville Tennessee.

Research into the life and times of O’Carolan (b.1670- d.1738) revealed that he was not only a composer, but a songwriter. 

Supporting himself by writing for patrons, and amusing himself by writing about such things love, dreams, quarrels and whiskey.

His original lyric being in Gaelic, we realized that some of these songs had been translated into literal English. Some of the songs deserved a new translation, and poetic English adaptation. And a new recording.

And a video.  Presented here in Adelicia Acklen’s stunning ballroom at the Belmont Mansion, The O’Carolan Songwriter Project plays Ode to Whiskey/ Maggie Brown for the Flat Creek Dancers, a lovely English dance choreographed by Chrissy Davis Camp.  



The Landlady

A slideshow of beautiful images of Ireland and Irish women set to O'Carolan's tunes The Landlady and Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady.  

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